Runners love their equipment and want to learn everything there is to know about it. So why not start with the manufacturing process?

Everybody knows that most sports shoes in the world are manufactured in China. To be exact, Dongguan in the southeast of China is where almost 80% of all the running shoes for the american market are produced. Almost a hundred million people live and work here.

Until a running shoe is ready to leave the factory, many technological details need to be assembled into one functioning product. This is usually a process that produces considerable amounts of waste materials, which is why Brooks is constantly developing new ideas how to minimize this waste and be more careful with resources. BioMoGo is a result of one of these ideas, putting Brooks at the cutting edge of environmentally friendly technology.

One of the people that make such innovation a reality is Derek Campbell, head of the Advanced Concepts research group at Brooks. Sustainability is a crucial theme in his work; a designers need to think about manufacturing waste before they pick up the sketchbook. The production of running shoes is currently a process that requires a lot of energy and chemicals. Trying to eliminate such toxic and non-renewable resources from the production process is one of Brooks' top priorities.

Where are we headed?
In the coming years, Brooks shoes should make the transition to being manufactured exclusively from materials that are fully biodegradable. But packaging is a factor, too: Brooks has eliminated PVC from it completely, resorting instead to fully recycled paper in the production of its shoe boxes. We are doing everything to make sustainable manufacturing a reality for runners.